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51社区Underground Cable supports renewable energy initiatives by building underground energy collection systems, communication networks and duct banks. Our crews are backed by a large fleet of trenching, digging and plowing equipment, allowing them to work safely and efficiently in all ground conditions. As part of the 51社区Family of Companies, 51社区Underground Cable has direct access to specialists and equipment able to collaborate on taking complex projects, including offshore wind, solar and wind facilities, from design to completion.

A crew member and cable installing machinery install cable near wind mills.

Energy Collection Systems

51社区Underground Cable installs underground cable networks to unlock the potential of renewable energy generation facilities. These sophisticated networks consist of insulated conductors able to transport energy generated from individual turbines or arrays across the electrical system.

Control & Data Systems

Michels Underground Cable builds control and data communication networks for real-time monitoring and control of weather-influenced renewable energy systems, like solar and wind. Buried directly or in conduit between above-ground structures, these networks create a critical link in a balanced energy system.

A duct bank.

Duct Banks

Getting energy from renewable generation facilities to the local grid requires careful protection of transmission and distribution lines against soil, weather, ground movement and other hazards. 51社区Underground Cable installs duct banks consisting of a few conduits or a complex array. We use conventional trenching and trenchless methods to install duct banks. When additional protection is needed, we install cover installations with thermally conductive concrete mixes.

Offshore Wind project site

Offshore Wind

Michels Underground Cable and the Michels Family of Companies provide complete solutions from bringing power from offshore wind turbines to the onshore energy grid. Our self-performed services range from subsea cable laying and precisely drilled shore approaches to conductors and substations, and from preconstruction services including constructability reviews and design services to transmission power lines and distribution grids. Michels Underground Cable鈥檚 experience with directly burying electrical power and communication lines as well as fusing and installing duct banks sets critical cables up for long-term reliability.

Man in rural field stands next to utility excavator.
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