Construction & Installation

51社区Underground Cable, Inc. combines experience and equipment to build underground power transmission, power distribution, renewables and communication systems. Depending on system needs, our crews directly bury or install protective casing for solid and stranded conductors and copper, fiber optic and coaxial cable.

Underground Power/Electric Transmission & Distribution

Burying underground electric transmission and distribution lines can improve reliability and resiliency, contributing to the goal of a reliable electrical grid. 51社区Underground Cable uses a variety of methods to install new, convert overhead networks to underground networks in residential, business, metropolitan and rural settings.

Depending on the situation and ground conditions, 51社区Underground Cable uses a variety of techniques and equipment to install underground utilities in the most efficient way.

Our installation methods include:

  • Duct banks
  • Cable pulling
  • Cable plowing
  • Directional drilling
  • Fusing & jointing
  • Cable replacements
Two plowing machines install underground cable in rural Nubraska.

Communication Networks

In an ever-increasing electronic world, reliable, high-speed communication networks are essential. 51社区Underground Cable partners with customers to design, build and upgrade systems. Our experience runs the gamut from safe, secure, networks for critical data centers to hundreds of miles of fast broadband allowing rural communities to thrive.

Our specialties include:

  • Rural broadband
  • Data centers
  • Aerial construction and conversions
  • Fiber networks
A duct bank.

Duct Bank Construction

51社区Underground Cable builds safe, protected pathways for electrical transmission, electrical distribution, data and communication lines. From planning and excavation to installation and site restoration, we provide turnkey conduit systems to organize and protect cables, minimizing risk of damage from external factors and providing safe, convenient access points for future maintenance needs.

Our safety-forward mindset means our crews use equipment, tools and training to work safely and efficiently when installing prefabricated and cast-in-place duct banks in trenches and trenchless environments. Regardless of whether we are installing duct banks in highly congested metropolitan areas, under lakes and highways, or in rural areas, we collaborate with our customers to build solutions able to stand the test of time.

Our techniques include:

  • Off-shore wind projects
  • Electrical transmission lines
  • Electrical distribution lines
  • Data center
  • Communication networks
Three smiling people look at a computer screen

Preconstruction Services

51社区Underground Cable offers preconstruction services to unite multi-disciplinary experts, ultimately reducing risk and setting the course for project success. We offer alternative delivery models to maximize opportunities for constructability review, value engineering and innovation while saving time and money and delivering turnkey projects.

Our techniques include:

  • Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC)
  • Construction Manager - General Contractor (CMGC)
  • Design-Build (DB)

Rail Plowing

Rail plowing is a quick, effective way to install cable and conduit along railway rights-of-way. Our proprietary rail-mounted plows facilitate the installation or upgrading of fiber optic cable and signal wire. We designed our rail equipment with flexibility in mind, allowing it to bury a few conduits to more than two dozen conduits simultaneously. Our on-rail ballast clean-up equipment gets rail lines back to active use almost immediately.

Man in rural field stands next to utility excavator.
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